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Claudio Muratore

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Claudio began his swimming career at a very young age and competed in many events before becoming coach.

He acquired the skills to control physiques, lower body fat, and achieve the ideal body composition through his training regimens in order to overcome a variety of obstacles.

Claudio takes a well-researched, practical, and easy-to-follow approach to exercise.


Peter Awcock

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Peter started his own fitness journey in his late teens after realising he needed to make numerous fitness and nutritional changes himself.

Over the years he has become heavily involved in the fitness industry - more so weight lifting.

Working with Peter will provide you with a strategic, challenging, and teachable experience, along with a sense of a wholesome one to one relationship to meet your goals, in sport or lifestyle performance.



*Billed Monthly

Includes weekly check-in calls, a tailored workout plan, macronutrient targets, access to a private community through our app, videos for every exercise, in-app food tracker, and an in-app chat feature.



*Packages of 5 sessions

Virtual 1:1 sessions with your preferred coach.

For current clients, the sessions are discounted and can be added to their existing coaching package.

Start with your free video-call



*Billed Monthly

Includes everything in the Online Coaching Package plus 1x virtual session per week.

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See our reviews here.

"Affordable PT alternative that's just as good.

Friendly and personable team of trainers who keeps you accountable for your fitness goals and gives you sound advice to help you progress faster! Smooth onboarding process via Zoom and the app is easy to use. Even though this is a remote coaching service, they are super responsive on the app whenever I have questions on my training programme, and small touches like giving encouragement and emoji-reacting when a daily step goal or PR is reached certainly makes this experience more enjoyable."

- Catherine

"Working with a PT can be a little intimidating at the beginning, especially if you’re not a pro in the gym, but Claudio made me feel comfortable and had an introductory consultation with me to understand my history, goals and objectives. He has a holistic approach and trains you in a way that you can apply your ‘wins’ in everyday life. For example, I am stronger and can lift 80KG but that comes in handy when carrying my suitcases or shopping. My colleagues even had good things to say about him, just by observing our session together, such a good vibe. I’d highly recommend."

- Rachel

"I’ve started training with Power progression few months ago after trying different online coaches. Claudio’s always available to me when I need and sends lots of coaching videos to help me improve my exercises. Highly recommend"

- Genny

"Real experts!
I've started training with PP during lockdown and I don't see me stopping any time soon. I got much more energy and I look much better than I did before! Thank you so much!"

- Marco

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